macaron flavors

everyday favorites

photo courtesy of tamar melen
dirty chai - homemade chai spice mix, white chocolate, espresso
kalamansi - hybrid citrus fruit, tart, white chocolate
lavender - dark chocolate, organic lavender buds
london fog- MEM blue flower earl grey tea, vanilla bean
mint chocolate - dark chocolate, peppermint extract
orange blossom - milk chocolate, orange blossom water
passionfruit - white chocolate, tart and sweet
salted caramel ganache - milk chocolate, caramel, maldon

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seasonal/rotating flavor(s) of the moment
brown butter - nutty browned butter, milk chocolate

other rotating flavor examples  
(please see above for current flavor) 
blackberry bayleaf
coffee hazelnut
green tea w/red bean ganache
lemon verbena
mango chili lime
olive oil vanilla bean - eleones early harvest greek olive oil
pink peppercorn and rose